Sunrise at the Beach

Most mornings, I take Joie on a walk down to the beach. We started this ritual long before she was born. We are so lucky to live a few blocks from the beach, as it is where I find the most peace. Having a 5 month old, a new business and a family to take care of is extremely hard work, and it is SO important for us mamas to have a little peace amongst all the other things going on in our lives. Joie's dad, Justin took out his kayak this morning and we decided to join. We strolled down the hill to our local beach, Leadbetter and Justin went out to sea as Joie and I watched and had breakfast on the beach (nursing my baby on the beach is pure bliss). Having these moments with my family are what I live for. It's the simple things in life. A morning at the beach is just what we needed. 

Xo Saltwater Mama